BLOG 1 - Kako izmjeriti veličinu prstena

How to measure ring size

If you are not sure which ring size suits you, you can measure the size yourself at home.
Below are some tips for measuring ring size.


Measuring with a thread or tape:

Cut a piece of thread (or paper or any other strip) and wrap it around your finger in such a way as to fold the thread or strip. Mark a line on the part where the strip overlaps. The length of the band to the mark is your ring circumference. Measure it using a ruler or tape measure and see what size it is in the table. For clearer instructions, see the video at the link.

  1. Your fingers are not the same thickness all day. In the morning, they are somewhat thinner, while the size of the finger increases throughout the day. That's why it's best to determine the size in the evening or later in the afternoon, when the fingers are slightly larger in order to be sure that the ring will fit you at any time of the day, because otherwise it could happen that you determine the size in the morning, and in the evening it no longer fits you .
  2. The temperature also affects the size of the ring, i.e. the circumference of the finger. When your hands are cold, your fingers are slightly thinner, and when it's hot, your fingers are thicker. It is best to measure the size in the optimal temperature, we repeat, at the end of the day.
  3. Za sve prstene šireg dizajna vrijedi pravilo – uvijek bolje odgovara jedna veličina više kako bi vam bilo ugodnije nositi prsten.
  4. If you have a more pronounced joint on your finger, then measure the circumference of the joint and the bottom of the finger and choose a ring size that is between those two sizes so that the ring can pass over the joint and still "sit" nicely on the finger. It is important that the ring does not squeeze you anywhere and that you wear it with pleasure, but that you do not have problems with putting the ring on, and also that you do not have the constant feeling that you will lose it.
  5. It is best to repeat the ring size measurement procedure several times to make sure you have determined the correct size.

Common ring sizes for women are from 8 (circumference 48 mm) to 15 (circumference 55 mm) for ring finger. Pinkie is usually 4 numbers smaller than the ring finger. Middle finger for women with very thin fingers can be size 12 (circumference 52 mm), while the average female hand has a middle finger size 15 or 16 (circumference 55 or 56 mm), while slightly stronger female hands have a middle finger size 18 (circumference 58 mm) . Forefinger je obično za 1 broj veći od srednjeg prsta. Veličina of the thumb mostly depends on the strength of the joints, and most often it can be from size 16 (circumference 56 mm) to 20 (circumference 60 mm).


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