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nova kolekcija - everyday pearls

Everyday Pearl Jewellery

"Everyday Pearls" is the name of our new jewellery collection with delicate freshwater pearls. As the name suggests, you can wear this pearl jewellery collection every day.

Pearl jewellery is no longer reserved for special occasions. Casual or formal, night or day, you can wear pearls whenever and however you want. Combining elegant pearls with more casual clothes will create an interesting contrast and give an attractive everyday look. What is important when wearing pearls everyday is simplicity. That's why we concentrated on "basic” pieces and made very simple bracelets, necklaces and earrings with river pearls.

With the idea of ​​incorporating slightly glamorous pearls into everyday outfits, we do not want to dispute their power to spice up outfits for festive occasions. If you want a classy and elegant look, pearls will be your best friend. What we want to say is that you define how you want to wear pearl jewellery. It's well known how well they go with an elegant outfit, but now you can wear them with just about anything.

How to combine jewellery with pearls for every day? We have a few ideas.

Elevate a day dress with subtle Pearl Charm pendant, and for a touch of glamor add pearl earrings. Pair the short Pearl Drop necklace with a crew neck top and blazer to create a dressy day look or business look.

Pearl Charms bracelet is available in 925 silver, golplated silver or rose gold plated silver.

Delicate bracelets with pearls can also be worn every day, but be careful how you combine them. For a casual look, we suggest combining them with a blazer, jeans or a knitted dress. Additional tip for a casual look with pearls: combine up to two pieces of pearl jewelry to avoid looking too dressed up.

If you like layering and are not in the mood for minimalism, feel free to string few of necklaces on top of each other. That's the magic of minimalist jewelry - you choose whether you want more or less.

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