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New store is now open at Dežmanova 4


After the announced relocation of the store in Petrinjska 33, we stepped into new beginnings in Dežmanov prolaz, presenting your favorite jewellery in an impeccably decorated setting.

The street that leads to the magical Tuškanac is a favorite destination of many who want to avoid the city crowd. The location also attracted us to present our design in an accessible, but exclusive place.

"I didn't choose Dežman street for a new store location by chance. I believe that my clients will appreciate the different atmosphere of a somewhat hidden street in the very center of the city, and at the same time enjoy the space in which I continued to be guided by subtle aesthetics and minimalism so that elegant jewelry tailored to the contemporary woman would come to the fore. One of the rare streets in the very center of the city that has two parking garages nearby, on Tuškanac and in Ilica, has enabled us to open up to new clients, which is why this is not just a continuation of my previous work, but truly a new beginning". – Iva Viljevac Toš

Just one year after the opening of a store in City Center One West, the opportunity to present breathtaking details in a new light combined the best of our previous experiences. The care of decorating a place where quality jewellery, good taste and unobtrusive elegance meet fell to the talented sister of the designer, Tea Viljevac Šarić, who once again managed to create a space with clean lines and simple shapes, while the entire concept of decoration is aimed at obtaining a functional space.

The harmony of openness and simplicity in which minimalist jewellery comes to the fore is not disturbed by a single carefully planned detail, such as oval-shaped shelves inside the walls, leaving the space clean and open. A special focus was placed on the presentation of the brand through messages written on the walls as a welcome to everyone who emphasizes their individuality with Iva Viljevac jewellery. The focus on jewellery was also achieved with an abundance of natural light that further emphasizes tenderness and calmness, and the continuity maintained by recognizable aesthetics, not only of jewellery, but also of the interior design is an integral part of the brand's vision.

"I want to treat my clients with beauty even before they enter the space, but the most important thing for me is that their visit to my store is remembered only by positive experience. Satisfied clients are my priority, which is why I believe that nothing should be left to chance and I believe that by taking care of the jewellery, as well as the space where I display it, I primarily show great respect to everyone who visits us. In addition to the style advices we offer to our visitors, we have also provided a wonderful shopping experience in a relaxed atmosphere and the presentation of products that I make with love in a space that inspires both me and everyone who visits us." – Iva Viljevac Toš

Subtle strokes and hidden details continue to dominate the most popular domestic jewellery, and in the new space at Dežmanova 4, inspiration for new design creations springs from every corner, we hope to the joy of all of you who will now find your favorite jewellery even more accessible.

Boxes of happiness, in which the most beautiful pieces of jewellery made of 925 silver and steel are hidden, are also available on the website, in addition to the two stores: in City Center One West and Dežmanova 4, and for help with the selection and any additional inquiries, we are always available via e-mail address: